Dinner + Movie: I Found General Tso’s Chicken

Just grab a friend and eat the real tangy, spicy, crispy thing while watching The Search For General Tso on Netflix!

chinese-flag-small China


LET’S TALK ABOUT The Search for General Tso. A great documentary that goes through the history of General Tso’s Chicken and tries to find where it came from, who General Tso even was, and the culture of American Chinese food. My kind of movie:

This documentary is great because it describes what makes this dish unique. It is coated in egg, double coated with starch then flour, usually made with dark meat, it has a balance of sweet, tangy, spicy, and I’m just glad to say that I have FINALLY found a great GTC after years of searching. I tried 3 different recipes from different food bloggers that I like a lot, but none of their’s hit the perfect balance that GTC usually has. My favorite places I’ve had GTC are in Logan, Utah (I know!) at Mandarin Garden and then in NYC (duh) at our Savory Kitchen where we also had the amazing Peking Duck I talk about in my post Tool Time: Slow Cooker-Broiler Char Siu (Chinese-Style Pork). Their’s were tangy, spicy, bright, and had a perfect consistency of sauce.  That’s what does it for me, spicy and tangy. Then, on YouTube, the video for this version came up in the suggestion section, so I thought, why not, gave it a try, and it’s been my favorite one by far! FINALLY! I just crush up the chilis for more consistent and better spice and I also add a bit more vinegar for more tang, but here is how to make it if you would like to watch. So without further ado, here is the end of our Search for General Tso’s Chicken.


Check out the Chinese food videos from Happy Wok on YouTube! He is a retired Chinese Chef and I think has any Chinese recipe you could ever imagine on there. It’s great to see how it’s done too!

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WHO YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT making great Chinese food: Bee @rasamalaysia from her blog Rasa Malaysia, the family blog The Woks of Life @thewoksoflife, Marc @norecipes from his blog No Recipes, Chungah @damn_delicious from her blog Damn Delicious, Elaine @elaineseafish of China Sichuan Food, Caroline @misspickledplum from her blog Pickled Plum, Maggie @omnivorcookbook from her blog Omnivore’s Cookbook, Mandy Lee @ladyandpups of her fusion blog Lady and Pups, Happy Wok on YouTube.


Dinner + Movie: I Found General Tso's Chicken

Dinner + Movie: I Found General Tso’s Chicken. Winner for Team Korea!

General Tso’s Chicken

Adapted from Happy Wok on YouTube, serves 2-3, medium-level fuss, about 45 minutes to make.


10-12 oz (3-4) boneless skinless chicken thighs (or 2 small [6ish oz] chicken breasts) cut into very thin slices or cubes

2 TBS light/thin soy sauce

1 large egg, beaten

1/2 tsp black pepper

1 cup starch; potato, corn, or tapioca (I like 1/2 potato 1/2 corn)

1.5 cups flour

oil for deep frying


2 TBS dark soy sauce

2 TBS oyster sauce

3 TBS white or rice vinegar

1 TBS Shaoxing rice wine

2 TBS granulated sugar

3/4 cup low-sodium/unsalted chicken broth or water

1 TBS fresh grated/minced ginger

1 TBS grated/minced/pressed fresh garlic

1 TBS cornstarch

Stir Fry:

1 TBS oil

2 green onions, cut on the bias

dried red finger-length chillies, such as japones, crushed (8-10 for very spicy, 6-7 for medium, 4-5 for mild spice) plus extra whole chillies for the stir fry, if desired.*

White sesame seeds

Steamed white rice

Steamed broccoli or other green vegetable of choice, if desired

*(In a pinch, can substitute crushed red chili flakes, 1-2 TBS; or chili oil, 1-2 TBS)

  1. In a medium mixing bowl, beat egg. Mix in pepper and thin soy sauce. Add chicken and marinate about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, mix ingredients together for Sauce. Heat frying oil to 375 degrees F.
  2. Add starch, toss to evenly coat chicken, then dredge chicken in flour, making sure it doesn’t stick. Once evenly coated, fry chicken in hot oil, drain on cooling rack or paper towels.
  3. For the Stir Fry, heat a wok or large frying pan (at least 12″) over medium high heat, add oil, green onions, whole chillies if using, and crushed chillies (keep a glass of water handy or open a window!) and stir fry until fragrant, about 15 seconds. Add mixed Sauce ingredients, cook 30 seconds, until it starts to thicken. Add fried chicken and stir fry until evenly coated. Place on serving platter and garnish with sesame seeds, serve with rice and steamed veg.



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