“There is a cultural interpretation of flavors…” —Chef Alex Atala of D.O.M.

My husband and I both served as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I served in Spain at age 22, my husband in South Korea at age 19. A large part of me is now Spanish, I feel, and a big piece of my heart is still in Spain. My husband discovered more about his own roots and the culture of his amazing Korean mother serving in South Korea. With this mix of experiences and cultures, we voraciously search for and collect recipes from all over, mostly from the Mediterranean and Asia. Both cuisines are delicious and after trying new recipes from each part of the world, we often end up saying, “ok that’s the best!”

So, what’s the point of another food blog? To find the best that each country has to offer, and find the best versions of these recipes that have been tried and as close to perfected as possible. We focus on Spanish and Korean food most, so with Team Spain representing the West, and Team Korea representing the East, we have a little battle of recipes and we hope, in the end, you expand your own recipe repertoire with us.

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